Monday, August 16, 2010


things I would like to learn & do this year.
[in no specific order]

southern hemisphere.
[I want to learn to identify all the star constellations, stay up late to watch a meteor shower, and take the telescope out to an abandoned beach.]

raspberry jam.
[I would like to learn the useful art, of making jam & canning.]

[I am working on obtaining certification to be a registered doula. I am probably most excited about this. Beginning classes soon. If you don't know what it is, you should look it up.]

[Begin a dancing class at the gym downtown.]

"that's so you."
[Decide upon and redefine my own style & wardrobe.]

bright things.
[See bright things make a significant difference upon fruition.]

back to the beginning.
[Investigate & study my family history. Dig through journals and remember where it is I have come from and who I've always been.]

[Bake and decorate a special cake for someone, for no reason at all.]

queen of persia.
[Complete the Beth Moore Esther study.]

turquoise sea.
[Go sailing, snorkeling and surfing.]


sweet {almost} nothings said...

Very cute ideas!

Anonymous said...

Wow! A Doula, and I thought you "didn't do well with blood." :-)

hbradford said...

I'll go snorkeling with you. Seriously.

thematthewsmith said...

Not sure what time it would be for you, but in the US on Aug 27th, 12:30AM, Mars will be so close it will look like we have two moons. If you miss it, just wait until the year 2287 when it happens again. Just thought it might be something you'd think was worth checking out.