Thursday, April 14, 2011

building a quest.

Sometimes I feel like as soon as my ideas have hit the air they are doomed for failure, however they also seem to burst inside me until I let them here I am letting them run 
wild and free.

Summer plans:

Buy a bike. With a basket. In a creamy, pastel color.

Begin my endeavor to learn Spanish.

Experiment with cooking cuisine from different cultures.

Get a good, solid tan that makes me miss New Zealand less.

Buy a ticket to another country, and leave for a week...or two.  

Take more photos. 

Get my Etsy shop up and running.

Spend more time with my eyes open wide for people's needs. And do something about them.

Grow my nails out. (I feel like this goal must conclude each goal list I make or something would be admiss...appreciate the well-placed intention?)

{I've got a million dreams spreading through my veins.}

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