Sunday, May 15, 2011


life goal: to find a bridge across the gap between how things are - and how they should be.

answer: Jesus.

There seem to be these really poignant times in my life where I am smacked rather rudely with the reality of my own messiness. (we could use another word here).

fact: life is hard.

question: what will we do with it?

I need a good kick in the behind from God. (I said this to a friend, then rather timidly looked up and added - "Oh! - A gentle one that is, please." You have to be careful what you ask for.)

I've been feeling generally unmotivated lately. Overwhelmed with the ways I'm failing to balance my life. Failing to spend the time I need with God. Not wanting to face up to the things I know Him and I need to tackle. Feeling like I can't live up to the expectations of friendships. 

short story: things need to change.

the beginning: a new habit of prayer

thank goodness He's always loved me in my darkest times.


Keisha Rae said...

I do not think you could have described my current life any better. It's always nice to know we are not alone in our messiness :) love and praying for you girl

Melissa said...

wow, definitely a post I needed to read. I am currently reconnecting with God after years of ignorance toward faith, but you're very right. It's hard to balance with daily life. Great blog!

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Hannah Faith said...

grace, have you ever heard of the book 1000 gifts? I think you'd really enjoy it.