Friday, February 24, 2012

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God has been teaching me more about himself, 
and oh my is it astounding.

Phil Vischer (creator of Veggie Tales) came and spoke on our college campus and the words he had to say only further drove home the point God has been making to me. His message was summed up in this - 

"No matter what your dream is, God is bigger."

He is more satisfying than the fulfillment of any dream. 

No matter how well-intended, impacting, or "godly". 
Nothing can add additional worth to simply knowing Jesus, there is absolutely nothing greater, grander, or more life-giving.
Our whole life is about him and us. That's it. Everything else is bonus.

If anything, whether dream or failure begins to threaten your relationship with God, you can be sure he will do some re-arranging to recapture your heart.

There is freedom found in the realization that life is not about achievement - it's about relationship.

This begs the question, is he worth more to me 

than my wildest dreams?

Am I in love with him, or am I in love with my dreams?

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