Thursday, March 29, 2012

lots of wonderful things.

So, I realize that this is another "gushy" post, but I couldn't help showing you the fun photos my sister took over spring break! We all set out on a drizzly day to have some fun, camera in hand - and she captured some great photos for us...despite the rain!

I was a little unsure about this! - but it's a good thing he's strong!
I like him.
There has to be at least one completely cheesy one!
I love the Springtime flowers.
Don't be deceived by the smile, by this point I was wet...and cold.
Ice-cream is always a great addition to any day.

 On another note, this month I will be tackling moving houses and changing jobs! It's going to be a busy April!

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LIESL said...

Hey, been wondering how you are. So sorry I have been so bad at keeping in touch.... You look happy, which makes me happy for you!

Lots of love