Thursday, February 14, 2013

taking time [to reflect]

I'm in a new normal. 
Suddenly I'm finding myself less than three months away 
from a complete life change. 
Mrs.Grace Louise Smith, 
(humor me)...sometimes I get giddy just typing it out!
My life is being melded with another's, 
God has a beautiful way of doing things. 
I am excited to finally come to the moment 
when I get to walk down the aisle beside my daddy, 
towards my best friend - my favorite person in the world. 
We are beginning a life long journey - as Jon told me,
"It's like we're on a plane trip (to eventually heaven...) 
and we get to sit beside each other!". 
I love that. 
On the journey towards holiness - God has given us this gift. 

(Photo Credit: AUS10 Photography) 

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