Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a picture of your face.

Jesus, You are
Jesus, You were
Jesus, You will always be
a perfect servant to us
a perfect servant to death
even death on a cross.

Give us the picture of Your face
show us the measure of Your grace
reveal the love of the Father
put within us tenderness
release from us all selfishness
we'll consider them better
we're Yours
give us hearts of servants

{Shane & Shane}

Today in Philosophy we were discussing Physicalism, as well as the counteracting philosophical thought - The Knowledge Argument for Qualia. In our discussion an example was given of a man who sees color differently than most people. Instead of looking at what we see as "red" and seeing only "red" he looks at the color "red" and sees two different colors - "red 1" and "red 2" there are very distinctive shades, and very different colors that he sees that the average human does not see.

So I began thinking...what keeps us from seeing those other colors? What if the reason we don't see them, is simply because we don't make the effort to? This is simply a thought...but I am planning on exploring it some more. I have decided to carefully observe the different colors of the sky for a week. I think it's a terribly fascinating thing. I love finding wonderment in the little things of life.

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