Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I hid under a blanket in the corner, away from Him.
I was ashamed, I was tired, and I was done.
The old familiar courtyard.
Blue tile.
I knew I should I come out, but I couldn't. I couldn't move.
Instead of chide me, instead of coax me to move...
With flashlight in hand He knelt to where I was...
and He climbed under the blanket with me.
And we just sat there in silence.
...under the blanket-tent...just me and Him - and the light.
It was exactly what I needed.
He always knows exactly what I need.

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Jess said...

Grace, my beautiful girl, i love you! xx I love your insight in to life, i love your "eyes" the way you see beauty in things, the way you love and desire after our Lord. I love YOU! xx