Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a resting.

"Your grace has found me just as I am
Empty handed, but alive in your hands"

The tests came back negative. 
I have never felt so relieved, or so mentally exhausted. 
I watched the phone buzz as I sat through my last meeting 
and a million fears instantly bombarded me
...but just as rapidly came His words - 
"Grace, you're going to have to learn to trust me 
with a lot more than this. You've got a whole lifetime ahead with bigger, deeper, harder things I'm going to take you through. 
And I will take you through them 
but can you trust me now with this?" 
It was one small exercise - that felt weighted and monumental. 
It was one step closer to Him...a deep breath...a resting. 
He is God... and all throughout my life...He will be God. 


Susan said...

hi lovely friend!
what's your email address? I'm missing you and want to know how your weeks going :)

love you!

Holley Gerth said...

This is beautiful, Grace!