Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clive Staples Lewis

I am continually impressed with the thoughts and writings of C.S. Lewis. We have been reading his book, "Miracles" as well as listening to a radio recording of him teaching about the Four Loves. It is fascinating. These are some things that caught my attention:

On Philia, the love of friendship.

-True friendship has no need to fall back on reminiscing.

-The only love that is not necessary.

-The least jealous and least demanding of the loves.

-Exaggerates our character qualities, i.e. makes brave men more brave, proud men more proud, etc.

Philia/Friendship - "Because he is he, and I am I."
Camaraderie - "I am a fisherman, and he is a fisherman."
Eros/Romantic love - "Because we are key and lock, wax and seal..."

All the loves only become love as far as they participate in THE LOVE.

In "Miracles", C.S. Lewis presented the idea that death is a freedom we have been given. Satan's seemingly victory, is instead God's redemption and glory. What if we never died? What if sin had entered the world and we just continued on living in our human state forever? It would be miserable. Death should then be seen as a gateway to life. A hope we have been given, freedom from our depravity.

I cannot wait to continue learning more from C.S. Lewis. He presents the simplest thoughts in the most beautiful ways.

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