Sunday, November 14, 2010

just you, and me alone God.

I needed a date with God, so I took a drive and went to the black sandy beach. It's been a warm day, and the cliffs were stunning in the heavy gray mist. I was the only one there, with the occasional jogger passing now and again. I went to the very edge of the sand and the waves and watched the sand slide past me as the water washed in and out. The surf was choppy and as far as I could see the waves grew bigger and bigger with white spray shooting up toward the lowering sun. I sang my favorite songs, I closed my eyes,..I let it be just me and Him. As the foam circled my feet, I glanced around me...turning full circle...then I spun around and around. Just like in the visions, there was the green water, the cliffs, and there I was dancing for Him. I wish I knew how to make it last, because when I'm with Him...I never want it to end.

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