Thursday, November 18, 2010

Suddenly life is up in the air again and I'm looking for where to be, what to do, who to share things with.

Times like this when everything's a grab bag again, I've found my mind wandering back to places it hasn't gone in a long time. 

Where does God want me next? Do I pick up somewhere I left off? Do I start again? Do I continue where I am? Now that there's a deadline, there will be a change. 

I forgot some of those things that were said, they meant so much back then. Does what's around me now feel just as real as those things then? Will this safe place be just another curtain that collapses and ends?

I can't stand to add more to my memories. I want constancy in my life.

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vintch said...

hi, sweet friend. i'm a new follower to your beautiful blog and just wanted to pop in and say hello. i love, love, love how on fire for the Lord you are and how it permeates your posts. it's such an inspiring, glorious thing.