Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am your hiding place

I knelt, completely broken. The wounds were deep, open, stinging wounds. The blood was washed, the bruises disappeared, my battered body. Fragrant, cleansing oil poured over me. One wound remained, gaping, beaten heart. Cleansed, and bandaged, still there, but healing. The garland was placed in my hair, the linen was draped over my shoulders. He pulled me to my feet. I stood before him, and with his thumb, in oil, he wrote on my forehead the word "beauty". A washbowl with a towel was placed in my hands. Purpose, to bring beauty to those who are afflicted. I was taken away, his strong arms encircled about me. A fortress, "I am your security" he firmly said. "This is where I want you to be. With me, right here...safe. I am your hiding place."

How great is his goodness to me. How far he has brought me. How safe he has kept me.

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Richie (knight of the cheese) said...

Wow... The ways in which God communicates His love to His children never cease to amaze and inspire me... Beautiful post.