Wednesday, October 28, 2009

promise child.

I stood once again in the doorway, the magnificent blue and white marbled floor before me, the ivory pillars so tall. It was dark, this took me had never been dark before. Was it supposed to be dark? I was nervous, but only for a moment. Lightning cracked, streaking across the sky and thunder shook the air around me. It was then that I noticed Him. He was sitting on a throne of white marble, in the center of the room. His head was down, and He was sobbing. Loud, heart-wrenching sobs echoed in the great room. I instantly felt the sting of my own tears rising behind my eyes. I was immediately drawn to Him and I collapsed at His feet. I put my head in His lap and the tears poured. My sobs mixed with His, the sound grew louder. His tears slapped against my face, they mixed with mine. He was crying for injustice. He was crying for the sins I had committed, and the sins committed against me. He was crying for the pain of all the mistakes, all of my pain.

The music began again and I was snapped back into reality, the words "child of promise" glared from the screen above. The words fitting as they always seemed to do with the images. Then a single word triggered more.

I lifted my head, He held my head in His hands and He gently kissed my forehead. Then He held out to me a clear, precious stone. It resembled frosted glass, some facets of it clearer and brighter than others. It represented hope, and it represented strength. It was the product of the pain. Within the stone I could see waves and storm raging inside. Grey, black, blue. This, a reminder of the storms now in the past. The storms that brought about the sense of hope and strength. The stone a token to remember His great faithfulness to me.

I wept, because it was altogether too beautiful.

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