Thursday, October 8, 2009

{ nothing too small }

Transparent dew clings to sharp blades of grass
Grey before light
Hush before roar
World pierced with the dark
Fiery splendor, captured so bright

In one drop, beauty of present is captured
Color enveloped
Reflection of life
Suspended world within other
For careful eye to delight

Wrapped in the simple. the ordinary of day
Water for wash
Rain for the soil
Transformation to brilliance
Present, till falling from sight

Absorbed in the deep, cold heart of the earth
Nourishment needed
Lifeblood for blossom
Once merely a fragment, now part of the whole
As shadow is, impression of night

The wonder, the mystery, of such small happening
Beauty chose modest
Grandeur chose limit
Where our feet tread, and the muck often pools
Miracle of no intrusion to excite

A life carefully lived will always notice the small
Sometimes it's broken
Often it's hidden
Sharp contrast is strange and not easily grasped
That majesty and humility would somehow unite

{We were given the assignment of writing a poem about the incarnation of Christ, and/or relating it to something}

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