Wednesday, January 20, 2010

simply good things.

After a really hard day on Monday, I came back to find these beautiful flowers and a lovely note. I love flowers...maybe it would be more accurate to say...I adore flowers. Being with me in Ireland when I would spend time in the rose gardens- Erin and Brittany knew this well. Such a sweet surprise made my day. God reminds me that He loves me in really special ways.

The second exciting thing to happen that I have pretty much found a dream job. Take a look - HERE. It's a paid internship, in Brooklyn...helping design and maintain the blog for Etsy. (As you know...I love blogging...and getting paid to blog...well that would be wonderful.) It would combine my interest in writing, with my eye for design and love for hands-on crafting. I am working on a resume and cover letter today and am excited to see if I have a chance. I could use your help though. I will be submitting my blog link to Etsy so they can see my blogging success thus far...I know there's a lot of you who tell me you enjoy reading my blog, but you aren't technically a "follower". It would be great if some of you who read could go the the right hand side of my page and click on the "Follow this blog" link and officially register as a follower. You can even register anonymously! I don't mind. It would help give me some credit and maybe help their decision as they're looking at my blogging success.

You all are great - and constantly encouraging. Thanks for taking an interest in my writing.

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