Monday, March 22, 2010


Blue M&M's are my favorite, they taste better.
I can't stand the taste of alcohol but I've been trying to.
I lose my keys probably three times daily, and almost am never on time.
A favorite childhood pastime of mine was to lay upside down and pretend that was the way the world was.
I never knew where Arkansas was till I had to look it up on the map for college.
I'm 21 years old, and I'm still afraid of the dark.
I look forward to blogging like it's Christmas...okay...not really, but sort of.
I have never owned a car.
My jaw often pops while I'm eating, it bothers some people, I no longer notice.
I refuse to date a guy who cannot spell.
I'm self-conscious about my feet.
I have a low pain tolerance.
Sometimes I take full advantage of being a blonde.
I'm allergic to poppy seeds, my mouth burns like it's on fire.
I faked my way through Web Design.
When I was twelve I conducted a funeral ceremony for a baby bird, we sang - "I'll Fly Away."
I only pretend I'm brave and daring.
My ultimate wish for a future last name, is "Mrs. Darling".
Goldfish die in my care.
I make killer apple pie.
I STILL like Telephone by Lady Gaga.
I hate hiking, I only wanted to like it.
Along with this blog, I also maintain another blog unknown to anyone.
Knowing people's personality test results makes me excited.
I was once engaged for a week, but only as a prank.
I over analyze, EVERYTHING.
I still believe love conquers all.

I am completely finished with trying to be something for everyone else.


Ben McFeeters said...

Good ultimate name. Good post.

Richie said...

I loved the bit about the bird and "I'll Fly Away." I personally think that the red M&M's taste better than blue... but only because they were banned between 1976 and 1987. It gives them a rough and rowdy past.

Keisha Rae said...

This made me soo happy. You have no idea. I love it. it's great, and perfectly you. i'm inspired. you might see a similar list on my blog ;)