Monday, March 1, 2010

thank you.

Today was the best day ever. It wasn't because of one big event, it was just lots of little things that continued happening. I don't think I stopped smiling all day.

1. I started the day off by praying with the president. (How awesome that we go to a school where we can do that!) Such an incredibly encouraging time of conversation. He wants to get together again in 6 weeks to have lunch and talk some more. I can't wait.

2. Had a great lunch with friends. So good.

3. I finished all my homework for the day before 1:00, AND was able to find time to reply to the e-mails piling up and the small errands needing to be done.

4. Had another great meeting with the campus pastor, who I assist in teaching a class with. Drank Nambarrie with him and talked about God...seriously, what could be better?

5. Had a third meeting with an English professor I admire greatly and came up with a great plan for my final project, and was able to talk to him about some thoughts I've been having about pursuing teaching...which leads to me saying that I am very seriously considering getting my MFA in Creative Writing to be a professor...I've begun the researching process.

6. I also made two new friends today! Really cool people that I hope to see again.

7. I got to spend the afternoon with Alison watching the Bachelor (guilty pleasure) and baking amazing blueberry & lemon scones.

8. I turned in my first completed drawing for Figure Drawing 2 (A class I'm struggling to get through) and actually received some encouragement and good remarks on it.

9. Got a really nice letter in the mail.

10. Returned once again to being blonde, which just makes me feel like myself again.

11. Had some quality time with my roomie who I barely see because of my insane life. AND with her discovered the wonder of Samoa (my favorite Girl Scout cookie) ice-cream - which, to top it all low-fat. Yes, that really made me happy.

I think when I begin to get cynical and doubt God's goodness He likes to prove me wrong. Yesterday during the Gathering all I could say to God was, "I want more, I want more, I want more of you." Waking up this morning, tired and emotionally drained I talked to God while brushing my teeth and I said, "God...I know you are good...but today I just need to see that. I know that you love me...but today I just need you to show me." And wow...did He ever.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an incredible day. It's beautiful to see how God is working in your life---crazy how He comes through for us. Above and beyond coming through, right?

you're so cool. and i mean that sincerely.

Ben McFeeters said...

"praying with the president" like Obama?