Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bright Blue Veins

Strings pulled tight
Lift my hand above my heart
Make the blood flow right
Through this organ I can't ignore

Sear my lips
Pouring, dripping of living grace
Hide and seek, whispers slip
Find my starving, hollow bones

All is naught
I'm only whole, when You are home
Catch You, but You're never caught
See You, dream You, You're all I've got

Let me go
I want in their darkest places
Till they live, till they know
Painted colors from bright blue veins
Please only You, steal the show

My dead things
They're only things, but they were me
Empty promises, always ring
You cracked my illusion of control

Broke my inside
Any emotion is now despised
I said always, but I lied
Robbed and stolen, I'll keep my pride

You'll fix me
I'll be better, I'll do it all again
If I let You, I'll be free
My loss a voice I've never heard
A love I've never known
You inside of me

If I let You in.

1 comment:

Richie said...

Beautiful poem Grace... =0)