Monday, April 12, 2010

Origami, paper heart.

Translucent wings
Wearing thin
Colors greyed by now

I'm trapped between the glass
Of what I know
And what I've found

Thud, thud, thud...
Body breaking
Origami, paper heart

I'm lost inside
What a beautiful world
Of wicked lies

Whispers, find me
Daring plea
Brazen, tempting acts

I'm all worn out
From this creating
Lost and pretty things

Some sort of beauty
I'll find a way
To make it all make sense

Dull wings will beat
Beat till they fold
I'll do what I can
Till all music slows

You took my breath
One fine thread
You wrapped my heart
In packaged bows

That thud hit harder
Some solution
I'll break my voice
And sing your song

Don't join me or I'll trap you
Stay behind my glass
It's only safe
When you don't feel this beating

Cracked, dry fingers
Seep of life
Play and sing
My dancing tune

Somber, straining
All out of tune
Are you kidding...
No, no one's going back

Older, sadder, somehow
Lips that taste of life

This I know, that all will be well
And in all manner of things
All will be well

Sunlight find me
Erase me, bleed me
Find the hollow in my bones
The beating of my heart


Richie said...

Beautiful poem Grace...

Susan said...

I really liked this, Grace!