Saturday, September 11, 2010

aspiring cath kidston & pioneer woman.

check out this lady's blog - she's quite inspiring, witty, and full of adventurous tales. One of my favorite blog sites, hands down.

this one is possibly my favorite post of hers - here

maybe I'll set out to be a pioneer woman one day. wrestle rattlesnakes. bake bread. watch sunsets over corn fields. what about that doesn't sound incredible?

also, I've been stumbling upon blogs with all kinds of house-sort-of-things...can I show you the ones I oohed and aahed over?

alright, I will momentarily shake the clouds from my head, and set out to clean my own little space.

...if only weekends lasted longer.


Elle said...

I want a pink fridge!

Jess said...

Oh, that bassinet is so precious!!!

Have i showed you this Grace? i want to live here, she lives in a caravan and decorated this cottage for $3000!

GLB said...

woah! there's so much stuff!