Friday, September 10, 2010

we've fallen into a world, where everything's a fairy tale.

Two wonderful thing have been happening - one, I've been reading John Eldredge's book about the world around us being one great big fairy tale penned by God - and two, I've been finding it out for myself. There isn't a way to describe this odd pivot I've felt in my relationship with God...but somewhere between the down-to-earth conversations and the frankness...I've felt a new side of Him. I quite like it. Instead of feeling obligated, time with God feels like a date I'm excited and anxious for. Because instead of feeling the need to follow a set pattern - read the Bible, pray, end time with God - I've been going on walks with Him, talking to Him in the passenger seat of the car, singing to Him...and focusing on one thing alone - delighting in Him. (To be clear, I'm not advocating a dusty Bible here). I wish I could describe what I've encountered. The best illustration I have is just this - that I spent hours today meandering along a bush trail, stopping nearly every minute or so to admire some small leaf or curly moss. The whole time, carrying on a casual conversation with God about my day...pausing to, peer at a spiderweb and say, "I think what you've made is absolutely beautiful."

It's true, you know. We're living in a fairy tale. Look around us, have you ever seen things so strange and so lovely? And the presence of evil - so very real. Indeed, as real as the hope which has caught in our hearts and sent us hungering for more - bright eyed and unabashed. How do we begin bringing more of this heaven down to earth? I think the answer is wound up in - sacrifice. The very thing that reunited heaven and earth at the cross. When I look at things in my life, it's the things I have sacrificed the most for that are most valuable and most beautiful. It is battling with the absurdity of love as our weapon. It wins every time.

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Susan said...

i'm blown away at our Creator, especially being here in Ireland...and walking along the northern coast with Him the other day...I felt so at home.

your words are beautiful Grace, just like your heart.