Sunday, January 9, 2011

a slowly crept in chill.

I've been really disappointed by people lately. 
And I suppose I've let them all stack up on each other, to form one big lump in my throat.
It's hard not to find it discouraging. 
It's in the sharper-than-usual words, 
the words edged with jealousies, bitterness, insecurities...
and words that sound nice but aren't followed through...
I'll make you a priority, but only when I feel like it. 
And we all do the same.
I look at myself... 
I've let, I'm letting...people down - I struggle to follow through, 
I offer only what's left of an exhausted and busy friendship.

...I have been shown grace, I must do the same, 
or I would not be living true.


because we're all broken people with messed up lives. 

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Liesl said...

I discovered that moving to a foreign country can make you like that. I have become like that. Don't know why. Perhaps feeling like a stranger in a strange land, not sure how to be, act, behave.... And then today I read, "Love = meeting someone's needs". My goal this year is love and generosity. And complete selflessness. I don't want to fail. We must catch up. I want to hear about all your plans/ideas/dreams.