Thursday, January 13, 2011


I keep everything. No, really. 

Today I went through the tedious process of cleaning out my e-mail inbox. My "drafts" box went from 537 to 147 messages...I thought that was a small success.

My drafts are full of everything from miscellaneous quotes I want to remember, photos I need to save, mailing addresses, phone numbers, grocery lists, even a recipe for my mum's pancakes. 
If we've had a heart-to-heart e-mail conversation, I've got it. If we're really good friends, you may even have your own folder. I know...I know...excessive.

It's not just my e-mail inbox that is nearly bursting...
Birthday cards, thank-you cards, some scrap of paper with a meaningful note...I keep them all.
Photos...if they're really special, sometimes I save them in two different places.
...Journals...from since I was eight years old.

I'm afraid of forgetting.

I once had someone tell me, "You'll remember the things you're meant to remember, and the other things won't matter."

It's a pretty simple thought...but at the time I heard it, I hated it. 

Now, I'm realizing the goodness in it.

I am trying to learn to hold things more loosely, letting some things slip through my fingers.
There's a beauty in letting things go...
life doesn't feel as heavy.

Things still matter.
 And the things that really matter, won't ever actually be forgotten.

It's sort of like learning to give your heart a break...and it feels good.


Jill said...

i had a similar train of thought last night (though not as graceful/poetic/well-put). but i was thinking of the house my parents still live in, and the day i moved in... 13 years new room, my new life, all sentimental. and then i couldn't remember much more... about what i did or how i felt or ANYTHING from those first few years i lived in that room. and i freaked out- OH NO! i've almost completely forgotten a significant amount of time in my short little life. and i wanted to dash home and pull out the journals i was so faithful to write in during those years. and then i remembered. i remembered what was in those journals. and yes, sometimes its okay to forget.

Anonymous said...

I dig the new logo up top!

Ben McFeeters said...

lol this was my only new year's resolution - stop being a hoarder!