Monday, January 26, 2009

ice storms, quotes, and decisions

"God is God, and I am not."

{A more comforting phrase, I have yet to find.}

I have decided - rather spontaneously, rather hurridly, to go to Ireland next semester. Maybe I'll regret it. Maybe I'll love it. That's the beauty of spontaneous adventures.

I also decided to not make a decision about something today. Just because I didn't really feel like thinking about it or evaluating it. However, my dear friend pointed out to me that in deciding to not make a decision, I was indeed making a decision. There's just no winning is there? And yes, I realize that was extremely vague, but intentionally so.

Today school chewed me up and spit me out.'s true. Every class seemed to drag on and on...even my favorites.

They say an ice storm is coming. I walked back from work admiring the pretty flourish designs the ice had made on the concrete. Ice is such a beautiful, yet potentially dangerous thing. As are many things in life.

Discernment is a rare and wonderful quality. Today I make that my prayer. And despite the occaisonal worry that creeps within...I hear the words replayed, "God is God, and you...Grace...are not." and I sigh, a deep sigh of relief.

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