Sunday, November 29, 2009

[ 21 ]

Twenty years

Youth in bloom
Maturity in it's waking
Year spent giving
Year spent taking

Twelve months imprinted
Seemingly wiser than last
Some innocence lost
Some milestones passed

Making of a woman
Dangerous at best
That searing first kiss
That love confessed

Twenty-twenty hindsight
That's what they say
To know pain as companion
To have dreams swept away

Beauty found despair
Amidst all the rubble
Though scars remain
Though emotions still juggle

Loved by her Father
Grace a well fitted name
He fought for her heart
He carried all shame

Breathtaking adventures
He gave her delights
Journey brought healing
Journey restored hope to sight

In one short chapter
She learned, and learned well
Only one knows her best
Only in Him does life dwell

The years will add quickly
Colorful plans in the making
Grand visions in fashion
Grand hopes of heart's aching

Her heart is secure
His arms hold her tight
Twenty-one is only the start
Twenty-one is a beautiful chapter to write.


elle said...

Happy Birthday Grace, this is a beautiful poem.

Hannah Faith said...

Happy birthday grace! you're beautiful and I love reading your blog.

Richie said...

Amazing Poem. =0)