Thursday, November 26, 2009


I rarely ever do personal photos on my blog. But, this photo has a special place in my heart. This is one of my favorite professors here, Derick Bingham. He's the author of several books, and teaches our Irish Literature class. This photo is another reminder to me of how much I will miss Ireland. Today we celebrated Thanksgiving, a holiday the Irish are unaccustomed to. As I began this morning to think about everything I am thankful for I was overwhelmed. I didn't really know where to start, and I secretly hoped no one would ask me to list specific things. It's not that I'm not thankful, it's that it's difficult for me to verbalize everything adequately. When I look back on the year it all comes down to a beautiful realization - that God cares. There's a strange peaceful sense of security in God that I've come to know. It's been built up, the product of so many different things, some things more painful than others. But the harsh contrast only makes it all the more beautiful. This "thing"..feeling...whatever it something I've never known before. It leaves me feeling a bit giddy..and really free.

...thus I find myself without easy explanation this Thanksgiving...but I think that's okay.

Professor Bingham has turned me into a C.S. Lewis fanatic, and I must include my favorite quote of his.

"Look for Christ and you will find Him...and with Him, everything else thrown in." {C.S. Lewis}

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