Thursday, November 19, 2009

forced to break

My roommate wrote a very profound thing the other day...

"Clearly, the corrupt view of beauty which the world so consistently thrusts upon us is forced to break under the weight of grace."

We've been assigned to write a paper about youth and beauty and how it is often seen as all there is to life. It's been a great paper to write and sparks many great thoughts for further contemplation.

Beauty really goes so far beyond one's exterior. Sure, it's outward beauty that catches the eye, but it's soul beauty that proves authenticity. Outward appearance only accentuates and adorns the real beauty. No matter what our culture tells us is the "standard of beauty", the culture can still do nothing to change the fact that inward beauty surpasses the importance of outward beauty. It may go unspoken, but it's true.

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