Tuesday, February 1, 2011

deja vu

It's blizzard weather today. How absurd.
 I live here again...where it snows...where things close, 
and shut down. 
Where it's freezing cold without any chance of a tan. Ha.

Mumford and Sons have put me in a melancholy mood today with the familiar lyrics and the grey sky outside. I do so love them though.

Some people think moving countries is a piece of cake - to them I would say - GO do it - THEN you're entitled to an opinion. Sorry, had to vent on that one.

It's strange "going backwards" in life. This was a different time, a different stage, a different mindset.
I'm afraid of the parts of me that haven't changed.
As if they could somehow nullify the changes that have been made.

I left some things on purpose. 
Being a world away I forgot what I wanted to. 
I miss that luxury.


hbradford said...

I love you. I wondered how its been being back. I can't wait to chat for a while. Dang snow.

Hannah Faith said...

I didn't realize you were going back to siloam already. Is this for a while or just a visit? Do you know what you plan to do?