Sunday, February 20, 2011

portion of His grace

The One who is, who was, who will always be.
I was made for worship.
Nothing else, but for Him.
What a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I've begun Beth Moore's study, "Breaking Free" - along with seventy other women of Siloam I've leaped into something I know can only be good. Beth Moore is witty, inspirational, and best of all - she scours the Word as someone deeply in love with each piece and each truth. Today's portion of the study was on pride, and oh man, did it hit hard. God has perfect timing that rings with truth of His pursuit. I knew there was a problem, I just needed the diagnosis. He laid it out for me, and I saw everything fall together. The thing is, seeing the problem is only the beginning. From there action, submission - and a breaking of my own desires to recall the faithfulness of God - and to glory in the fact that He is God - and I am not. Pride breeds when we let ourselves take the glory only God deserves. 
He's done so much, how could I dare step in the way to promote myself? 
I've done nothing. 
Thankfully, He isn't about to let me stand in the way any longer.

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Hannah Faith said...

I was able to do this study last spring and it was amazing. Challenging and yet thrilling. 70 sounds like a lot of women!