Sunday, February 27, 2011

It was me, He wanted.


"My God is faithful"

My friend Susan says that's stamped on me. On her. On him.

It's the reason the thoughts only linger.

The words no longer stick,
to the fabrication of my heart.
Your plea is loud, yes.
Your dying lyrics, sweetened.
 Oh I feel them, I feel them to my deepest part. 
I have known them, but I no longer claim them.

Love is greater than the illusions we build.
And the ashes we diminish it to.

Your mouth forms music but all I see is your chest caving in.
The desire is greater than what was lost.

Your contracting lungs struggle to swallow your pride.

If you can be brave enough to see that it was His eyes you saw.
His gaze you wanted.
His laughter you loved.
His child-heart you danced with.

That space in your soul will find hope when you find truth.
And love will not harm you.
It will bring you home.

1 comment:

hbradford said...

brought tears to my eyes. beautiful.