Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One day, I want a house all my own. fresh, and piney. Is that a word? Now it is.

I also spent this past month - through the blizzards, snowmaggedon, and other strange snow happenings...muttering under my breath that upon my dead body, I'll one day have a fireplace in my bedroom.

And - thanks to Pioneer Woman, I now feel my house would be incomplete without a cowboy to go along with it...you know, it's sort of a package deal. Twofer. (Note use of new word #2...never mind, it's in the dictionary.) Think - John Paul White and Marlboro Man mix. Mm.

Okay, that's all the daydreaming I'll do for today. Off to bury myself under my quilt, clothed in every layer of clothing I own. If there was a winter-haters-anonymous, I would pass out buttons and be the president.

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