Friday, July 2, 2010


"don't make someone a priority if they only make you an option."

I heard that phrase somewhere one time and it stuck with me. It's been dwelling in my mind all week. a frustration, of sorts. Because I'm not sure if it's right or not. It seems a beneficial piece of advice to take to heart, but just because something is good does not mean it is right. Does it? I don't know. Something tells me Jesus wouldn't say those words...but then the other part of me is scared not to heed the warning.

Does that mean I'm growing up? Living more in fear.

I've failed a lot of people myself, and with Grace being my very namesake, shouldn't grace persist? But is a line ever drawn? Quits called? My pride wants to shut the door, my heart says it's not right. My heart though, is losing merit. floundering. I feel quite at loss.

friendships are changing with me being here, and I'm struggling with it. maybe it's not even "here", maybe it's just cruelty of time.

"Loving someone is giving them the ability to destroy you, and trusting them not to." {Anonymous}


amh. said...

i agree so entirely with this and have wonderded the exact same thing, you are not alone with this.
my relationships have changed too, but i'm starting to think in a different way... i've started to realise that if i feel in anyway let down by somebody it is only something that i can handle (because God won't let us have anything that we can't handle), something that will build me up (trials and tribulations build our character) and in no way a reflection of God because God and people are very different beings. in fact i have come to realise that a massssive part of knowing Jesus is 'getting over the crowd' as in christians and mostly people in general

Kate said...

I would say that you should look at what situation this statement applies.
In deep friendships, or possibly in finding love, if someone views you as an option and doesn't return the same attention you give to them then there is obviously a time when you must evaluate again your intentions and hopes. Moving on may be hard but in the end it is usually the healthy thing to do.
When trying to reach out to someone in need, if the right intentions are there and you feel a God centered calling to act...then the opening statement would be wrong. After all, God has been known throughout the ages to relentlessly pursue his flock when they are lost.

GLB said...

Well said Kate! I agree whole-heartedly. It was friendships on my mind...but not necessarily friendships for the purpose of "saving" that person or anything, just friendships.

spindriftnepenthe said...
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Jason said...

Priority is a strange word, because it lends itself to being deceptive... to saying, "You're not important to _____ (insert friend) anymore." There are times and seasons of life and friendships--some are short lived, but the Holy Spirit gives us the strength (if we accept it) to make the best possible use of the time we have with them. With other friendships, we know that God has put them in our lives, and no matter how things may seem, it is the right thing to continue to love them and pursue them no matter what season they are in.

I know that Jesus definitely pursues me even when I make him an option. We're selfish, and Christ is constantly at work in rooting that out of us. As long as you're not pursuing relationships He's told you not to or you know are turning you away from Him, I would suggest that the statement in question is misleading.

Blessings, Grace.