Friday, July 23, 2010


this morning I woke to sit in the wet sand and make sandcastles with God...directly in the sun's early reach, it was maybe one of my favorite times with him.

life has kept me confused. scrambling. worn.

It was a comfort to just, be.

on a superficial note, I cut my hair short. and truth be told...I'm not such a fan. - actually, I hate makes me feel like less of a woman. my thoughtful moments I've decided it is good for me. provision, even. I need to care less about time spent on my appearance. [not to say that I will completely forego all efforts and scarf all the chocolate in is a completely separate issue here.] this instead, is about a way of living. I didn't come here [earth, that is] to half-live. which is precisely why I chose to spend the last three days in a bikini, mostly covered in sand. chasing the tide at night. jumping into the bright [turquoise] ocean upon every chance. caring less about imperfections. less about opinions. laughing. loving. and daring to live freely.

golden heart. the kind that sparkles. that's what I'd like.

see...what God cares about, is who we are & who we are becoming. and maybe it was time for re-arranging some priorities.