Sunday, July 25, 2010


Saturday, I listened to someone speak on love. Yesterday, I spent all day hooked up to an IV with time to think about it. they spoke of a love that loves despite imperfections. a love that doesn't come up with a list of things you need to change, instead - says I see these things you struggle with and I'm here to pray with and wrestle through them with you. - because what they've fallen in love with is your soul [you for being you], and any faults are only scratches on the surface. all around us are imperfect people, loving imperfect people. how? loving not because they have found the "ideal match" - instead they've found someone they decided was worth fighting to love for the rest of their days. It's beautiful, lovely, and sad all in one. It cuts down illusions. Sometimes it also takes reconciling the fact that God is all knowing & yet allows us to hurt each other in our process of learning.

hosanna. [come save us.]

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Susan said...

i love that song