Monday, June 14, 2010

{living love.}

Two posts in one day, I know - a bit exuberant. I couldn't not share my excitement with you though.

So remember my "giving" post? In effort to do and not only say, I've been thinking much more carefully about my spending habits. I got lost last night in hours of researching fair trade organizations - specifically ones that give directly to a community or involve the people there in the work. I love the way most of the businesses are set up with people receiving hope through selling their artistry - and us getting to make a connection with them through our purchases. Though it may seem like "selfish giving" because you are buying, not donating I think it is a wonderful way to spend money and know it is for love (and not just my ever-absorbed self).

I want it to expand my heart for people and I have decided that though purchasing is a great way to help, I want to do something even more direct. I have a lot of time right now in my life, I get to create a lot of my day the way I like. I want to use this year, (and maybe years) with the time open to begin my own craftsmanship to sell and give profit to a community in need. Obviously this will take some heavy research, some built up resources, some contacts made, and some brainstorming - but I am bouncing with excitement just thinking about it. If you have ideas, I want to hear them. If you want to help, I would love it. I want to watch my world change, and be a part of it.

Here's some other ideas I want to share- product of my research.

I'm expecting this beautiful headband in the mail any day - it was made by Peruvian women from alpaca and the proceeds go straight to them. You should check out the site - browse, and read more.

Also, one of my very favorite organizations - Samaritan's purse has a gift catalog where you can purchase very specific things for people. You can buy a goat for a family to provide them with milk - nutrition and means of an income. What's really neat about this is you can also have your gift given in honor of someone, and a card is sent to them - it would make a creative Father's day gift, I think.

This company is beautiful. I wish I could order from NZ but it only markets the U.S. The bright beaded jewelry is made in Uganda and is helping bring restoration there. Buy some!

One more link to leave you with - a list of lots of fair trade companies. I hope you pick up the excitement that I have - we can do so much! More posts on this to come.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea! I can't wait to see what kinds of things you come up with!