Tuesday, June 22, 2010

like a little kid waits on Christmas.

Can I have permission to take a moment and gush about the plans in the making for my sister's visit? I spent all of last night mapping out the week, and I think my mind has already up and left for vacation. I can hardly wait.

Saturday morning - she arrives!
- Spend time showing her around camp - if the weather is friendly we'll do some kayaking and rock climbing.
- Dress up for the evening out.
- Begin by going to an Eastern spa where we'll get nice warm, scented massages. Mm.
- Go to the movie showing of Robin Hood.
- Have the most beautiful dinner in Sky Tower - the revolving restaurant high above the Auckland city lights.
(That's our splurge day, and a chance for her to feel pampered after such a long flight.)

Sunday -
- Drive out to Piha beach & Karekare beach for a relaxing morning of being with God in quiet, beautiful places.
- Have coffee/lunch at a tiny cafe by the beach.
- Come back and go grocery shopping for our week of travel.
- Possibly also go hiking out at Fairy Falls. (if time is left)
- Pack the car up!

- Greet the sun and drive towards the Coromandel.
- Spend the day hiking through the beautiful bush & mountainside.
- Arrive at our hut, where we will stay the night.

- Wind our way back down to the car in the morning.
- Drive further into the Coromandel area.
- Visit Cathedral Cove (Prince Caspian), Hot Water Beach (you can dig in the sand and hot water springs up!), and spend time
hiking through more areas where Narnia was set.
- Drive an hour west to a lodge where we can access internet, watch a movie & enjoy soaking in a hot tub.

Wednesday –
- Drive 3 hours to Hobbiton (Nadia is a big fan).
- 3 hour tour of Hobbiton (currently filming "The Hobbit" there now) - sheep farm will be included in the tour. Hm.
- Drive into nearby Rotorua to take the luge, or a gondola to catch pretty views and have some fun.
- Stay the night at a nearby camping cabin.

- Drive back home
- Pack a picnic lunch & spend the day at the Auckland zoo. (weather permitting)
- Come home & watch a movie/relax/go for a run?
– Possible dinner at a friend's house.

- Explore more beaches, maybe visit a few parks, shop for souvenirs if needed.
- Cook dinner together.

- Visit the local farmer's market & vineyards.
- Pack up & head to the airport.
- Say a sad and not-so-fun goodbye,

So of course everything could change at the drop of a hat - but that's the tentative plan. Who wants to come visit me next? :)

But seriously. You should.


Anonymous said...

I do! That sounds like a magical week. I hope it all works out.

On a side note, it is fun to see that you are accumulating a lot of readers recently.

GLB said...

Thanks! btw. your anonymity always makes me curious. Do I know you?

Craig & Jill said...

wow- can i be your sister? that sounds amazing.

hbradford said...

ME ME ME. Oh how I wish I could pick up and be there with you. It sounds AMAZING. The hobbit filming will be very neat.

tera said...

umm.. ME!!!

Anonymous said...

HA! Mayyyyybe! Or maybe it's several people. :)

GLB said...

I have a pretty good idea. :)

GLB said...

there's only so many people who use the word "magical", you know.