Thursday, June 17, 2010

change me, instead.

disappointment repeatedly rises up in life.
we often feel that God, has in some way let us down.
we expect things God never promised or guaranteed.
mere products of our own conclusions and ideas.

that's tough to confess.

See, what we get - is God.
we don't get all these wonderful things and God as an added get God.
every single day.
we get God.
if that isn't enough, what is?

today I prayed that instead of changing my circumstances, that God would change me.

to fit my circumstances.

my chest tightened when I prayed it, and meant it.

because honestly, I'd much rather He went ahead and changed my circumstances.

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Liesl said...

Thanks for adding me on facebook. And now I'm stalking you on your blog! And I had to respond to this post. So appropriate for me too. Change ME. Not my circumstance. It is a very tough prayer to pray. Again, if you ever want to hang out with another foreigner who feels very out of place and way out of her depth, or just get away from camp and spend some time this side of Auckland, our home is always open to you.