Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{write to feel.}

gown silk and rimmed with lace
blacker than the night
you held me closer
than the moon
whispering goodnight

one match deaf explosion
wooden splinters fork
trees and houses
made on sand
melted down and burned

dripping down the silver walls
painted fresh and bright
we'll paint the lies
call them true
stamp them on our bodies

make the ugly disappear
like streaking rain
across our charred
and cracking faces
left smoldering in shame

catch me while I hide

we hate, we hurt and then we cry
always never but I forgot to
remember the breath
you let me take
we shared

the old man with the beaten hat
the eager waiter with the water
that's the credits rolling
just a glimmer maybe cinder
snuffed beneath a boot

no words, no story, no ever ending
the beginning of a hoax
fooled you, twisted
and hung you wrought
upon the iron ledge

years and years you'll keep the post
scrape your body to that edge
once more
open scabbing fists
to find your heart

beating like the murmured voices
time is farther, time is father
of the bitter frost
lies, I'll make you all a liar
but now, I've proved you right

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