Saturday, June 19, 2010

{with grace in your heart, and flowers in your hair.}

Tonight was an evening of new friendship, laughter, snuggling babies, warm conversation, soul-baring, and contentedness.

More than anything this year, I want to know what life is - "living as the beloved".

I am forever the beloved, have forever been the beloved.

I want new eyes.

to see

raw. fresh. living. love.

I want the entire span of my life to change from this truth set free in my heart.


This day was just one in an eternity of being loved.


As I chatted this evening with a sweet new friend, she began telling me about her work in a shelter for pregnant women who are alone and need joy brought into their lives. She teaches a crafting class in the shelter-home, and she is also throwing a big baby shower for all the mums there. She is decorating, finding gifts, arranging games, and having a salon come who volunteered to pamper them with mini-spa treatments. As I listened to her my mind raced in a million different directions. First, what a hopeful place for them to heal. Secondly, I don't believe in coincidences and know the timing is right with my thoughts on crafting & giving into a community. Thirdly, in my heart has always been a sensitivity to pregnant mothers and the desire to make women feel as beautiful as they are. In my scattered dreams has been the thought to one day share my home with people in need - what that looks like, I'm still unsure. Children, mothers, families...God will show in time. I didn't think any part of this dream would come into play so early on in my life, especially on top of working at the camp. The seed has rooted in my heart, and the thoughts are taking form. Pray that I would take uncomfortable steps - brave steps, in beginning to enter something so much larger than myself.

God leaves me in awe. as He shakes my world apart.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could see if you could volunteer with her, on your time off?

Just a thought :)

GLB said...

Oh yes, I already have planned to. :)

Liesl said...

Isn't He just amazing. Divine appointments.... Who is this woman?! She sounds amazing. How did you meet her?

Jess said...

Grace, i LOVED talking to you last are such a sweetheart. I can't wait to meet up with you again and chat about what God is doing in you! (my kids have been talking about you all day!)

Anonymous said...

I want an Indian headdress so bad!