Monday, June 14, 2010

{your grace has found me just as I am.}

I went for a run after work today, it had been a few days. Three miles. Getting there.

When I run I usually select all the upbeat songs I have to put some bounce in my step. So there I was, grooving along to some Gaga song (yeah, I know), running through the prettiest mixture of rainforest and countryside. I rounded the corner near the usual cow pasture, and found myself facing a stunning sunset. The air was chilly but a warm glow hung over the very edges of the mountains, fading into a purple and grey sky. I looked down at my ipod in hand, and I scrolled to the song "Majesty".

Here I am.
humbled by your majesty.
Covered by your grace so free.

Your grace has found me just as I am
Empty handed but alive in Your hands.
We sing
Forever I am changed by Your love.

In the beauty of Your Majesty.

I finished my run on that song, head up watching the ever-softening sky.

As the urge to praise pushed me faster, I thought to myself - "Why, why do I waste so many moments on empty things?" Life goes by so quickly, then it's gone. I waste precious minutes listening to ego-soothing, sin glorifying thoughts being pounded in my head when God watches and waits. Raw beauty His fingers paint, and a deep strength that continues loving my heart. I want to spend this week putting conscious effort into redeeming moments of my day and inviting Him to refill them with life.

When I stopped short after reaching the driveway - exhausted and out of breath, the sky suddenly opened up and silvery sheets of rain poured down. The cool water drenched my warm skin and aching body. A smile burst on my face. It was the kindest hug from a constant, loving God.

I am so empty. so dark. and He is so light.


amh. said...

i like this, i like this a lot, and i've been thinking about not wasting moments a lot recently, but gosh i find it hard... any advice?

amh. said...
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GLB said...

mm. it is hard. pray, wonder {beauty often missed}, listen to the dreams people share quietly between their words, give, give more.

Stephen said...

I always imagine myself telling the stories later (on my blog, or in real life, etc). If I see that it could be tellable, it's probably a moment. I don't want to miss it.

hbradford said...

Loved this post.

Anonymous said...

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