Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We built a tall, tall tower
Towards the sun, towards the sun
Took some words and built a wall
And called it love, called it love

And somewhere in all the talking
The meaning faded out

Oh, I wonder
When did it all stop making sense?
I don't understand
I remember we were so sure, so innocent
Oh, but that was then
Can we ever go back again?
Can we ever go back?

You're speaking a dead, dead language
You don't sound like yourself
I hope its just lost in translation
So why don't you show? Don't try to tell

And brick by brick we started crumbling
Will I find you when it falls?

Don't hold your breath
Look around
Try to add it up
Pin it down
But you can't

{Joy Williams: Speaking A Dead Language}

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