Wednesday, May 19, 2010

{tin roof rain}

I think rain has a really lonely sound to it. It's also one of my favorite sounds.

Today was not the best of days. I woke up feeling sick and super tired, and by the end of the day I was really trying not to be homesick, but I was. I guess that's what they call culture shock. Body, mind and heart, all in it together. Skyping friends made it all a lot better.

After telling Susan my woes of just how deathly boring it is to cook for me, myself and I - and how I'd rather just be lazy, she quipped, "You don't need a damn man to cook, get up and go make yourself some food!"...haha (pardon the wording, but I found it appropriate to the quote.) With a disgruntled sigh, I did my best and tried tuna with crackers...only to feel like I was eating cat food. So, here I sit with another bowl of Weet-bix cereal. Yum. Nothing quite like it, says the sarcasm.

I should probably tell you what my job's like, since that's why I'm here. Basically the camp has schools come in and the schools bring their own teachers & parents to help. There is a small staff and I am part of the activities leadership. I share an office with two others and we are responsible for training the teachers & parents to run activities for the week. (unlike American camps where the counselors do it all). Today I instructed them in the challenge course and the poles and planks activity. There's a variety of things. That's the first thing we do in the morning. Then, there are three activities that have to be taught by instructors - those are rock climbing, kayaking, and abseiling (rappelling). I am being trained in each of these three with more intensity. I have to observe them each, instruct under evaluation, and practice the activities on my own. This week I began with the rock climbing, it was pretty easy to catch on to...(who knew helping with harnesses at family camp would pay off one day?)...I taught & led my first session today, and did two of my twenty climbs. Tomorrow we're going to another rock climbing gym to do more of my climbs. I'm enjoying the job for the most part because I like teaching, and I also want to become better at each of those activities. It's a bit nerve wracking knowing I am responsible for the safety of so many children, but it's also fun to watch them learn. We also have three special camp weeks that I will be running with another lady during the year - two kids camps and a teen camp...I'm not sure what these will be like but I know they will have a very different format. One thing that surprises me a lot is that here we train the parents & teachers to run the zip was a bit shocking to me how low key they are with that. But, I guess that's just one of those cultural differences maybe. Camp here is both similar and different, so far I like all the's more manageable to have more of a hands-off approach to things...instead of living and breathing camp life. At the end of the day I enjoy going back to my house, or going out for a run.

Sorry, that was long...and probably somewhat boring, but I knew some of you would be interested to hear details.

Today I finally got hot water. I almost cried I was so happy. Tonight I'm taking a long hot shower, reading some Beth Moore, and getting some early rest. One thing about waking up at 6 am every morning is that you take advantage of getting to bed as soon as you can (without being completely pathetic).

I'm thrilled about the weekend because we're going to the beach in Piha again (maybe some surfing!), and there's a lovely farmer's market up the road Saturday morning where I'm going to go grocery shopping.

Please keep writing & don't know just how wonderful it is to wake up to an inbox full of friends.

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