Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Watch with me, the changing sky.

God is so good, He is so kind, and He is so gentle with me.

I cannot explain to you just how awe-struck I am by what He is preparing for me. His timing is perfect, and if I am up for anything that He may want...well...He takes me to places like New Zealand.

It makes me think back to Ireland and just how much I needed that at that time in my life. Ireland was a place I grew into myself more, built great friendships, and found God in the quiet places. My heart was covered by a balm of hope, beauty and peace. I was inspired to write. I was surrounded by rose gardens. Wisdom was poured into my life by the professors I came to love.

Then this last semester, I prayed for relationships, new friends to make school a happy place to be. Wow, did God take me up on that one. I became friends with people I feel I have known for years. Encouraged and affirmed, the semester was full of laughter and unforgettable adventures. Star-gazing. Van rides. Dancing. The list goes on.

Now, New Zealand. Returning, in a way, to my roots. The blonde-haired beach bum I never got to be growing up in America. No problem arises that God does not override. Plane ticket? Paid. Passport? Paid, shipped early, and gifted with special time with my Dad. House? Ready for my stay...french press coffee maker, groceries bought according to my preferences, new furniture, fresh linens. Computer? A macbook already there for my personal use. And the thing that really gets me? Broken heart? A boss who understands more than a lot of people ever could, and has only deepest compassion and the desire to see me grow.

God? Yeah...He loves me a lot. Sometimes it makes me feel embarrassed by just how good He is to me.

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Elle said...

Grace, you are beautiful. Your writing is beautiful, your life is beautiful, your testimony is beautiful. I'm so excited to see how God will keep using your imperfect heart as a testimony to His strength. Thanks for being so honest.