Wednesday, May 12, 2010

shopping therapy.

New Zealand adventures call for a shopping spree, of course. I thought I would have fun and show you some of the things I bought - a mini wardrobe tour...and me just being kind of silly. :)
Raincoat! Of course!

Some new shorts and a sweater from Gap. Perfect.

Best jeans ever...and a cozy sweater to keep me warm in the New Zealand winter months!

Shopping does my heart such a world of good.


sadutt said...

Grace. You. are. adorable.

I have a question: Where did you get your raincoat? I'm looking for one for camp...and forever, really, haha.

Keep me updated on what's going on!

lamba said...

I love all of that!!!!!! You're so seductive crawling towards the camera like that ;)

Susan said...

a raincoat with a HOOD!? could it be!?

:) i love us.

you're cute. wish i could have been there to join in the therapy.

its the best kind there is around.