Wednesday, May 26, 2010

{wrap around porch}

Do you think this really happens?

Not love, I know that happens. Not perfect love, I know that doesn't happen. But, crazy love?

I just wonder if I'm holding out for something that doesn't exist.


Liz said...

Hold out. The crazy love? It does exist. The perfect love? Well, though no one is perfect, it is possible to have perfect love. It isn't about the fact that there aren't imperfections, but rather that two people can be perfect for each other. Sweet girl, you are a treasure. The man that God is preparing for you will be perfect. Not flawless, but he will be exactly what you need...hence, perfect. I love your gentle and sensitive spirit. I'm thankful that God created you to be that way.

Thinking of you tonight. Saying a prayer for you, and your future perfect, crazy love!

Annaka said...

I really, really think it does.

Stephen said...

Chris and Jaimie K. The names of y friends mean nothing to you; but they exist and they're crazy (like, really) about each other.