Saturday, May 29, 2010


So, I think I'm going to go for it. I've been wanting to get some tattoos it just hasn't been the right time. Caitrin, my friend, and neighbor here was telling me about the guy who she goes to for hers. He's Christian, which is cool, and he does a really good job for a reasonable think I'm going to go there some time in the next three weeks with her and have it done. I'm pretty nervous about the pain...but I'm sure I'll live.

Because it's cheaper to get it all done at once I'm going to get two -
I want to get a bird beneath my clavicle bone - somewhat like this one, except over to the left more. And I think I want to try and get it done either in all brown ink, or brown with some color.

Then, I want the words "always be beloved", or "always the beloved" tattooed on the inside of my forearm (further down than this one) - in a script like this.

I haven't gone and done it yet, so I'm open to hearing thoughts. :)


sweet {almost} nothings said...

honestly, it does hurt. take deep breaths while you get it done. i got mine in one of the most painful places, my wrist. but i love it. and yes, its addicting. i want more now. :)

Kate said...

Sometimes I feel like you and I have the same brain. I have always wanted a bird in brown ink and a script tattoo on my arm. Oh well, i'm sure when I get mine it'll look very different still!
Go for it! If you don't, you will always wish you had.

Susan said...

oh dear...

Anonymous said...

i love both of these, i want the bird, although smaller and in black. i would love it on my bone but i hear that's painful. however i am still not sure how i feel biblically about tattoos, must read in to it further :)
ps. i love love love your blog, it is such an inspiration and you have such a talent at writing, i am constantly copying and pasting quotes from here to my facebook, hehe

Anonymous said...

I just randomly stumbled across this blog while doing some research for my own tattoo plans. I'm curious - did you ever get them? Have you posted photos anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Oh God I was looking for bird tattoos and randomly I find you
and I discovered someone so alike to me
you have just amaizing way to write
I can order my mind to write all my thoughts like you!
I decide I will get three birds like those in colors ♥
I will get back to read more of you soon :)